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Broome County Habitat for Humanity -
Broome County Habitat for Humanity's mission is to build simple, decent homes and to create safe neighborhoods in partnership with God's people in need.
Broome County Habitat for Humanity
Amy Winans
Executive Director
103 Adams Avenue
Endicott NY 13760
Office: 607.239.4783
Cell: 607.321.5563
“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.”
-Millard Fuller
Filing For Permitts and the battles that we go through , to get just one permitt, more on this shortly. Dealing with county state, town and village and federal office's not counting DEC and others including FAA, no kidding ,FAA why, because of where, there is water ,there are duck's and other water fowl birds that might get in flight path, More to come on saving America
It's been a battle in this country to get thing's done.
It's a long hard battle to get thing's done.
We will give credit where credit is due to people who dig in and help us.
I might seem like I'm complaining alot, at time's, yes I used the word I, by this meaning I took the lead on many thing's, meeting's - and so on and, it's we the people who came together to make it happen.
People have told me lead and we will follow, and so it has taken place.It's frankly a long story, back room deal's and a political poo-poo storm.
We are not backing down, today or tommorow , next year or any time in the future.
Our founding father's gave us a great gift, we will, again be on the right path in this country,and become a great nation: as Carson said a" perfect Union".
You can write it, make retarded facebook post's( oh and I've made a boat load of them on 1000's of issue's, I say that they do NOTHING,but give the government a place for you all to vent),It's time to get off the net and take action.
We have never been truly united in this country, enough with fairy tale's, we are out spoken, a bit much at time's.
There is no damn reason we can not pull together and rebuild this country as it was intented, and there is no damn reason why every American can't at least get basic need's as stated in United Nation's Charter's : Food, Shelter, Clean water, and it can be done and we are going to make this happen.
This page is currently being worked, with that being said alot of people who came on board to help , will be given credit for their part. It's frankly going to take time.
Donations for Sandy Victims
By Adam Chick
November 4, 2012
Updated Nov 4, 2012 at 4:16 PM EDT
Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The New Hope Presbyterian Church is working with the surrounding community to get donations to those in need in Atlantic City and they need your help.

For Chris Hemmer there is no comparison between the devastation from the 2011 flood and what happened last week because of Hurricane Sandy.
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Hemmer is working closely with New Hope Presbyterian Church to get supplies there as soon as possible.
He thinks it's an opportunity for the people to band together.
"The fuel supplies are not there. The generators are not there. The helps not there. It's a really bad time. And we just really need to come together," said Hemmer.
Teachers from Vestal donated $1,000 so the church could rent a truck and pay for fuel to deliver the supplies themselves.
The same teachers that helped to fix the church when it flooded last year.
"For the Vestal teachers to step up, it was really cool when they helped us. They helped us here with the physical work when we needed it," said Pastor Ken Thompson.
Pastor Thompson wants to get the supplies out as soon as possible.
However, that all depends on how fast they'll be able to get into Atlantic City.
"I hope that first trip comes this week," said Thompson.
There looking for water, mops, or generators, anything that could help.
Volunteer Help Rebuild America

Page is a work in progress. Every one need's to pull together and do their part in rebuilding our country.Unity is the only way.
When did we stop caring, the moral fabic of society has been torn apart. Everything our familie's fought and died for is slowly coming apart.
It's time for an Overhaul.