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ExoMars 2020 Mission

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The Russian neutron detector ADRON-RM is installed aboard a European rover and is ready to fly. The device will allow an analysis of the upper layer of the surface of Mars.

On the same days, the specialists of the NGO them. Lavochkina also successfully completed tests of the Proton-M launch vehicle transition system, which is necessary to launch the ExoMars 2020 mission.

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‚Äč               The future is here and it is up to all of us to Educate our children and reach for the Stars - At the same time grasp the understanding that we are trashing the only planet we have to live on. The moral fabric of society has been shredded and needs to be restored to its proper Glory. We can do this by teaching the truth and solving Global issues together.

               Our Education system is broken - talent being wasted - our children around the world are the future of humanity. Therefore it is up to all of us - coming together to build a better world. The future is at hand. It's time to Educate!

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