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We know MD Alam very well, he offered his services to our Gun Association as a Cultural Advisor. And his services have done a lot of good on a world stage . MD would be a great asset in Congress and or State Department. And he is a United States Veteran.

Doctor Ben Carson

A great man with a big heart, we thought there might have been a issue at one time, we find none that we can live with having Doctor Been Carson, well spoken
No knee jerk reactions, takes time to think things out with the best intrest of the nation

We feel in time he can over come the dirty politics in this country and do great things for all people.

Rand Paul

Hands down an honest as it can get, a constitutionalist and a great man and a great specker

Someone who can make the right chooses on the world stage

We like Rand Paul

Elizabeth Warren

She has fight in her, and we like that. Like we said we are going to make changes in DC

We think she has the strenght and compassion to lead.
Richard Hanna

We played a hard core in your face ground game to get Richard Hanna on top -over C. Tenney.

We had a Big fight with Tea Party over this, to bad.

Richard Hanna Promised to work across party lines and I'm sure he will

Donna Lupardo

We helped get Donna Elected in last election NY, For a Dem. she is a great person and cares deeply about people.

She supported us at the Safe Act Meeting, helped with flood issues and many other things.
She needs a place in DC , make it happen.

Our Political Picks:

Nothing is perfect in politics, but we are trying to take out the trash and find good people who will care for all people here and aboard. What we do here effects the Global spectrum.