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Most of the people in our groups and coalition are back in college and working on their Law Degrees, which is great and serves the good of our planet. As we move toward Space - the Laws - which are in part on our space site - will need to be addressed on many levels - we do not need the crap that is taking place on the only planet we have - to transpire  into outer space nor will we let it happen. Links for Space Law and the United Nations Links are on that site as well. As you can see we get along with almost everyone on the planet and we do get things done and most of you know that - we have letters and cards from many. Your job is to uphold the Constitution Of The United States - not just parts that please you - but the whole of the sum. You took a Oath - Uphold it - Uphold it or step aside.

Open Letter To Congress

We sent a request to two Space agencies - One in Russia and one in China. Nothing illegal - redacted copies below both said same. I only covered my personal information. Well the one going to China was Delivered and the one sent to Russia was held up and so on - it was returned to me this morning, a waste of 67 dollars to send it- postal office is trying to refund my money, yet this whole thing lays waste to the games being played in Washington. What harm is to have friends in other countries - really, we all came from other countries.

Our Survival Site has been used by many in Government when it comes to weather warnings.

We started the Space Command Center with good reason. To give the kids a safe place to learn about history and efforts being made around the world to bring peace, with this there are many links being added to the site. People need to grow up before its to late. We are teaching and directing children on the right path. Saving the planet and reaching for the stars. That's more then we can say for most of you,- all the fighting - nagging and grandstanding,; it has become sicking.

Many years ago I picked up a load to haul back north From the Presidential Building in Hot Springs - The man running the show came up to the cab of my tractor trailer while they were loading the gym floor on my flatbed - saw my hats in my cab and said "Son your going to take a bad beating" I didn't respond - I knew what he was talking about..

It's a sad state of affairs, we could run our mouths more and expose more, maybe someday we will. For now its teaching the next Generation how to prepare and learn the skills to Save Our Planet and to make sure what has transpired in Washington Never happens again. Many people have died at the hands of Government around the world, fact not fiction. As most of you grow old, many of you should just bow out gracefully. 

I have been asked by some to do a display at NASA - I'm working toward it. We do have an International Space Station with many nations involved. [link to space site below.] And, to some members of Congress, you might just learn something about space - we are working on its internal structure along with building a  Climate Change Warning System. That's on our survival site, we have answers on many issues and we hope that we can get them in place before some in DC bring us to a point of no return. God Help Us.

Moving on, I was ok with what he said. Many people through out history have taken a beating some beheaded and some suffered greatly.[Bible] 

After working with Sen Schumer's Office on restorations of homes from the floods and Storm Sandy for years out of my own pocket - Jon Hammer Coming Home - and others. Working with Tom Libous Office on Same Issues and many others, we have seen how dirty things can get. And of course the screwing I took, [you are all a wear of that]. Things are getting old, very old with all the distractions and romper room games going on. We have yet to see any help with medical issues- most of us with cancer can not get any help on any level - oh there has been a few Doctors who helped me personally when they could. [ The political figures mentioned [some not mentioned]  called us offering help, not the other way around]  

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