Think , act , get involved !
We are working on a host of issues that effect all of us world wide
One country overseas picked up on a security issue and was able to read between the lines and has now brought the idea to light.
Taking ideas from us is going to happen, we have never been about the money, we are about correcting what is taking place and helping aid in making our planet a better place to live.
So we are happy to see things taking place , as they say some of us are on the same page.
Yes it takes money to get a shop started to bring things to light. And we are working on it from the ground up , a few of us had one that we built on our own with no out side help and thanks to mother nature we lost everything we worked for. We will return to that point in time.
You want to make it to the top , it takes hard work. All our sites are paid for by working people, each one of us pays for something.
With that being said we will rise to the top, we made mistakes in the past and we are ready for anything and everything this time , failure is not an opition, if we do nothing we will have nothing
We can save this country.
Many people have done this on small levels by working two or three jobs to give their kids a chance at a good education and a better life.
For others look into Co-ops. We the people built this country, our families fought for freedom, now its up to all of us to brain storm on rebuilding this great country.
A simple idea can make you rich, now taking that and helping others grow is the name of the game.
Yes our idea we first mentioned will aid greatly in saving lives. And we are getting nothing for it. What we are saying don't play all your cards, it takes money to make money and if your a man of God you will return to help others.
A lot more to come on rebuilding this country
So its time to rebuild this country and spend your hard earned money on those business's who give back and help create jobs. Get my point.
Invest in your community, form groups to actually come up with ideas to rebuild your town and network with other towns as it once was.
Good old fashion business goes a long way.

Manufacturing Rebuild America
We can and we will create jobs in this country and we are working on it behind the scenes everyday, we are revamping all our websites and will add more as projects take off.
As we stated we are on the ground contacting people working with other groups.
We are not going to be side lined by other groups, we will work together, end of story.

Constitutionalist Political Party