Constitutionalist Political Party


Why have we failed ?
We could give you 10,000 reasons.
Its time and time to get off our butts
What have you got to loose ? First things first patriots , start teaching your children like our founding fathers stated many times.
Everyone is not going to know everything but by working with a common tread , we can change things.
Some of our supporters asked what they could do, and some of those supporters were kids 7 years ago worried about our country ( yes we have people of all ages ) But for the kids who wanted to dig in and asked on FB and when we had a phone line in , our adivce was to stay in school and learn, let us older guys and gals take care of the mess we need someone to pass the torch to.
Some of our older supporters are now in law school, trade schools and business, some are in driving school for running the big rigs and some went to heavy eq training.
Yah lifes a gamble, if we do nothing, we will have nothing, we are loosing jobs, some coming back, loosing our rights and so on.
Now what was the point of this, if you don't get it you will
When working on your part and your designs, don't post it all over the net, you might have hit on something and someone will steal your ideas. So THINK.
People have gotten rich off simple ideas, and point you want those ideas putting us to work.This is going to take time.
And yes school cost money. One thing we are doing in the future is teach. For Free . This will be for the guys and gals on limited funds - Building a home shop and Co-op - Help is on the way. A lot of people became rich very rich keeping quite working out of their home shop ! We are about helping others and the future of our country, and the future of our planet - for us personally its not about money OK More coming on that very soon.
The only thing holding you back from making it, is yourself, give us a little time here,its time to take control of our own lives. Lets do this !
" Give a man a hammer - he will scratch his head - teach a man how to use a hammer he will build his future - NGA ""
This is the new Revolution - this is our world - lets work together !

Design Concepts
Creating a better life for you and your family, through design rethinking the idea of Form and Function

Can We Change The World ?
Yes we can and by providing better ideas and applying design for better health : retinking Form And Function.
Creating jobs and better productivity on many levels and creating a system to educate and retrain those who are behind bars.
Along with changing the environment that is with'in the inner cities, creating a more stable enivronment for our children.
For example some of you work in a office with no natural light, and we are sure more of you locked in ( the cube ) have health issues and stress at home and are just plain grumpy ( Kinda like the old farts in Congress ).
Moving on, we can change the way we live, think and live our lives, yes by simple design changes. Creating jobs.
Think , Act , Get Involved
More to come Simple ideas - Simple Solutions = Better Life !
Think , act , get involved !
We are working on a host of issues that effect all of us world wide
One country overseas picked up on a security issue and was able to read between the lines and has now brought the idea to light.
Taking ideas from us is going to happen, we have never been about the money, we are about correcting what is taking place and helping aid in making our planet a better place to live.
So we are happy to see things taking place , as they say some of us are on the same page.
Yes it takes money to get a shop started to bring things to light. And we are working on it from the ground up , a few of us had one that we built on our own with no out side help and thanks to mother nature we lost everything we worked for. We will return to that point in time.
You want to make it to the top , it takes hard work. All our sites are paid for by working people, each one of us pays for something.
With that being said we will rise to the top, we made mistakes in the past and we are ready for anything and everything this time , failure is not an opition, if we do nothing we will have nothing
We can save this country.
Many people have done this on small levels by working two or three jobs to give their kids a chance at a good education and a better life.
For others look into Co-ops. We the people built this country, our families fought for freedom, now its up to all of us to brain storm on rebuilding this great country.
A simple idea can make you rich, now taking that and helping others grow is the name of the game.
Yes our idea we first mentioned will aid greatly in saving lives. And we are getting nothing for it. What we are saying don't play all your cards, it takes money to make money and if your a man of God you will return to help others.
A lot more to come on rebuilding this country
So its time to rebuild this country and spend your hard earned money on those business's who give back and help create jobs. Get my point.
Invest in your community, form groups to actually come up with ideas to rebuild your town and network with other towns as it once was.
Good old fashion business goes a long way.
Think , Act , Get Involved !
We are working on a project set to launch some time in the near future, we visited with a few business's and called others around the country, just those few phones calls turned out great and we are just letting you know that we are working on things
Simple idea , very simple with time and effort, this all started with one idea pitched to others who said lets do this !
As we stated people of little means can and do make a difference. We love our country and our freedom. Nothing worst then someone calling us stupid. Ah ! No ! not letting it go. Our Community Matters and so does everyone in it ! Lets do this Make America Great Again and Make life Great Again, when neighbor helped neighbor !

When we all dig in , good things things will happen , we reap what we sow .