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Florida 2017 Merritt Island Florida Handing Out Relief To Many
Photo of us setting up. - Food Supplies Came from State S.C.
Real Time Data
USGS provides real time data and past data. We noticed all the different data totals that Was put out by media and the fruit cake sites.
We stated that because it is the truth and you can simply go to USGS website and see the data in real time right on their website.
Now understanding the Data and what is taking place and the chance for things to go wrong , that is when you start learning what is going on and how to use that data that they provided and the data they collected because people got involved by reporting things.
More to come on our website and we do hate having to bash people its just getting you to understand, its media , and drumming up stories is how they make a living, printing false info does not help.
Hence we are providing links , good solid links, again you have to understand the data but sometimes data can help in your choice
Maxine Trainer is from the UK - has been here 16 years and a Citizen of the United States - she is full of piss and vinegar - very out spoken and full of life - she loves Art and The Children - she really could use some help - her place was hit hard her email is She is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit. Donations are tax deductable .
Storm Damage - Florida 2017

‚Äč Yes 2017 is a year to remember - the photos below are of a place in Titusville Florida - it was the same all over - just this happens to be an area that we helped in. The women's non - profit and information will be on here soon enough. The point is Climate Change is wrecking the lives of many good people and the women in the photo came from England with a Dream - she lives near the hood and helps everyone she can. Her Info is below her photo. Photos below taken in the pouring rain

Euro-Projects Video To The Right

               Aeolus Mission

           Anne Grete Straume

  Aeolus Project Scientist At ESA

Climate Change


We will set forth a set of solutions on addressing the problems. Some of our Ideas were brought up to powers to be.
Solutions : FEMA ( needs an over haul )
Solutions : Planning and prevention : Limiting the damages incurred by storms
We have a whole host of things to present to the powers to be.almost everyone we have talked to agreed with what we had to say, now getting those in Government to listen, that is first step.
We need more meetings that lead to better actions, and yes I have dealt with most Government Agencies out there.
More to come:
Just part of what our group does and Did.

The Website in the story below was shut down. We The People are regrouping.

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton)

There a few things left in this world for free. But out in the morning sun on Choconut Creek, Chris Hemmer is spending his time and money helping flood mitigation in Vestal.

"You see the sadness, people that have lived next to me for 70 years," said Hemmer.

"I haven't been there that long, and to see them lose everything they worked for, things gotta change.

" Hemmer drops in most days to clear brush. He started out on his own, but has since gotten help from across the community. "To see people setting aside their differences politically," he said,

"To start digging and helping the community. That says a lot to me." Hemmer's received donated equipment from trailers to chainsaws. He's impressed Vestal Town Supervisor John Schaffer, although he admits Hemmer moves a little to quickly for the town. "Chris would like to have everything done yesterday, thank God," said Schaffer.

"But, unfortunately that doesn't happen in government. " One thing town officials say anyone can do to help prevent flood waters from rising is to keep creeks clean and free of debris. "They're not dumps, they're creeks," Schaffer said, "Haul your logs to the dump and your junk." Hemmer is hauling out everything he can grab. For him, failure is not an option. "The only way your gonna get ahead in life is hard work," Hemmer said, "And if you don't, you fail." Hard work, something Hemmer has plenty left in the tank. If you want to help Chris Hemmer, you can visit his website,
Climate Change Not Global Warming

Its not global Warming. Its Climate change , our planet has gone through great changes for millions of years and people need to wake up to it. Open your eyes.

We will explain better , just for now know that we had a disaster team we started due to past storms.

We had gotten a call from the All State Flood team, and they asked us our opionon , and said we predicated the last two big floods in the North East , any ways moving on

We will help everyone get a better understanding, and maybe save what is left of our planet.

We had worked with a few Government offices on issues, Governors And Congressmen and women, on State, Local,Federal levels, most agreed with us. There was a hold put on fixing these issues, as some desided to screw with our 2nd Amendment rights Moving on

We we are fighting everything at one time, as what we do here effects the Global Spectrum

Our ideas and plans were layed out and some in power used our ideas for their own personal gain, that shit is going to stop.

We the people will have our voice and so will other nations around the world. More to come